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Sustainable Economies Law Center created this website to facilitate the growth of the urban agriculture movement. We offer this resource as a collection of information on laws and regulations that regulate who, how, and where urban agriculture can occur. As a collaborative effort, the content on UrbanAgLaw.org was created by a group of legal professionals and law students, and the site is curated by the Law Center.

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  • India: Away from the city bustle, these professionals choose to live close to nature
    One of the challenges that such a project comes with is to integrate with the local community and those associated with it acknowledge it. On a recent public holiday, some of its owners and a few volunteers have driven down to get their hands dirty. “We call it ‘agri cult fit,’”... Read more »
  • The Clever Tech Keeping America’s (Many) Disabled Farmers On The Job
    As many as one in five US farmers suffers from a disability that impacts their physical health, senses, or cognition. Offsetting that statistic and keeping Americans fed are technologies like four-wheel-drive golf carts, auto-locking tractor hitches, and even boring old smartphones. By Nick Stockton Wired Nov 8, 2018 Excerpt: In 1982, Ed Bell was 21... Read more »
  • Does the future of urban farming lie in meeting wider sustainability goals?
    Alex van Tuyll (right) with Green Spark colleagues – image Green Spark. Within the six-storey building, “greenhouse modules get sunshine from the outside and attention from visitors from the inside”. A restaurant on the roof “where the food produced can be enjoyed” completes the design. Horticulture Week 8 November 2018 Excerpt: The recent bankruptcy of... Read more »
  • Report points to ‘difficult and worrying’ 2019 for U.S. agriculture
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52KwixU1FLw&w=425&h=341] Market volatility caused by President Donald Trump’s trade disputes, extreme weather and the potential spread of African Swine Fever could threaten the stability of global food commodity prices next year. By Sarah Zimmerman Politico 11/15/2018 Excerpt: “These measures,” the report said, referring to tit-for-tat tariffs, “change the structure of global trade and increase... Read more »
  • France: How collaborative urban farming allowed a French winemaker to rethink its business model
    A French vineyard has found an innovative and interactive way to do business responsibly by pairing with a local urban farming collective. “We’ve left the purely capitalist way of doing business,” says its owner. By Niamh Michail Food Navigator Nov 8, 2018 Excerpt: Located in Montpellier in the south of France, Chateau de Flaugergues is... Read more »
  • Detroit indoor farming operation looks to grow food, create jobs, and feed the hungry
    Planted team (from left to right): Hunter Moore, Colleen Novkov, Kimberley Buffington, Todd Blevins, and Kai Misner. One area of the warehouse that has twenty-two-foot-high ceilings is being set aside for a robotic growing system. Buffington describes it as sort of conveyor belt that moves trays up and down so growers... Read more »
  • India: How this Lawyer-turned-farmer Found His Calling
    With ‘Pluck One’ he produces Stevia Leaves and aims to reach out to the Indian masses with an alternative for sugar. By Sanchita Dash Senior Correspondent, Entrepreneur India Nov 12, 2018 Excerpt: While he started off with a trial cultivation in 25 acres, he plans to scale up the operations to 300-400 acres. One... Read more »
  • Virginia’s Shalom Farms
    Farm Manager Katharine Wilson works at the Westwood site. (Photo by Sarah King) A new partnership between Shalom Farms and Union Presbyterian Seminary harvests food for the city By Sarah King Richmond Magazine November 5, 2018 Excerpt: One of the commonwealth’s largest urban farms occupies 5 acres of fertile soil at a corner of Brook... Read more »
  • Canada: Pumpkin smashing a good way to mark end of Halifax’s Common Roots Urban Farm
    “The hunt for a piece of land is complicated, but we’ve got a few interesting leads and if people have ideas we’re really open to hearing them,” Melrose said. “Especially if it is a developer that has large swathes of sunny land near apartment buildings.” By Alexa MacLean Global News Nov 4, 2018 Excerpt: It... Read more »
  • North Dakota woman donates 3,727 pounds of vegetables from community garden
    Donna Stumphf stands outside her garden with some flowers given to her by a fellow gardener. (Photo: Donna Stumphf) The garden center donated a huge 4,000-square-foot pie-shaped plot at the edge of the community garden, as well as at least four dozen plants, including tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and zucchini. Mary Jo... Read more »