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Sustainable Economies Law Center created this website to facilitate the growth of the urban agriculture movement. We offer this resource as a collection of information on laws and regulations that regulate who, how, and where urban agriculture can occur. As a collaborative effort, the content on UrbanAgLaw.org was created by a group of legal professionals and law students, and the site is curated by the Law Center.

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  • France: Master of Science Urban Agriculture and Green Cities
    The MSc in taught in English and lasts 18 months.It can be proposed as a semester of study abroadFirst semester: from October, 1st, 2018 to February, 1st, 2019 Second semester: from February, 2nd, 2019 to May, 20th, 2019 UniLaSalle – campus de Rouen3, rue du Tronquet76130 Mont Saint Aignan – France... Read more »
  • The Farmer That Feeds Us – Documentary
    [vimeo 293236046 w=430 h=242] The Farmer That Feeds Us from Carolina Farm Trust on Vimeo. Carolina Farm Trust’s documentary premieres Dec. 18 from 6-9 p.m. at Northwest School of the Arts By Ashley Mahoney The Charlotte Post Dec 3, 2018 Excerpt: “The Seeds of Change initiative features an urban farm to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to... Read more »
  • Young, hip farmers: Coming to a city near you
    Farmers markets in larger cities are supporting a new, younger faction of American farmers. Credit: Purdue University/Mark Simons The population of American farmers is aging, but a study shows a new generation of farmers is flocking to cities with large populations, farmers markets and the purchasing power to support a market... Read more »
  • Canada: New community food forest gets planted in Tofino
    Volunteers take a moment to admire the planting and soil work that was done on Tofino’s new Food Forest on Nov. 20. The project is led by the Tofino Community Food Initiative, with contributions made by a long list of local businesses. (Nora O’Malley / Westerly news) “It’s a place for... Read more »
  • Ireland: The Dublin community gardens under threat
    The Weaver Square community garden in Dublin 8 is set to be built on. As the housing crisis deepens, allotments are being earmarked for development By Catherine Cleary The Irish Times Nov 30, 2018 Excerpt: Sam Moore, another allotment holder, sees Weaver Square as a continuation of a family tradition. Growing up in inner-city Belfast, his... Read more »
  • UCLA student veterans bring Veterans Affairs garden back to life
    For UCLA’s 10th Volunteer Day, hundreds of volunteers came to the Veterans Garden at the nearby Veteran Affairs campus. Michael Baker/UCLA. “I was pulling weeds with this one guy, a Desert Storm veteran, and it turns out we’re both heavily into music, so we ended up in this in-depth conversation about... Read more »
  • Canada: This Hidden U Of T Rooftop Farm Helps Feed The Hungry—And Could Impact How Cities Eat
    Sky Garden volunteers, Cindy and Matt. “There’s a noticeable difference between our melons and grocery store melons,” says Stata. “By letting our melons ripen on the vine, they’re so much sweeter.” By Kimberly Lyn Alumni U Toronto Nov 29, 2018 Excerpt: To feed Toronto, we must import more than 6000 tonnes of food every single day.... Read more »
  • Farms in the city: How a Chinese firm uses tech to boost yield
    Beijing COFCO wisdom farm. /COFCO Photo In the next 15 years, over 200 million Chinese are expected to move from rural areas into urban and suburban environments. By Feng Yilei CGTN Dec 1, 2018 Excerpt: In suburban Beijing, a number of plant factories built with innovative techniques have incorporated farming into urban growth. Dr. Wei Lingling,... Read more »
  • Canada: Bosa’s False Creek Rooftop Garden in Vancouver
    Bosa’s rooftop. Food waste recycling is done onsite using a continuous flow Vermiculture system (Compost worms) providing nutrient rich worm tea and castings fertilizer for the garden while reducing the need for organic waste collection. By Scot Bathgate Price Tags Oct 13, 2017 This past summer I had an opportunity to tour an... Read more »
  • Company finds new way to grow lettuce, cut risk of food-borne illness
    The romaine lettuce outbreak has many consumers thinking about where their crops are grown. By Chris Welch ABC Action News Dec 6, 2018 Excerpt: One rooftop greenhouse company in Chicago says their lettuce is safer and longer-lasting. Jenn Frymark, the chief agriculture officer and manager of Gotham Greens, pulls out a head of lettuce and immediately... Read more »