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At Sustainable Economies Law Center (the Law Center), we want nothing more than to see the number of new urban agriculture projects and enterprises explode all across the country! To facilitate the growth of the urban agriculture movement, we offer this website as a collection of resources on laws and regulations that regulate who, how, and where urban agriculture can occur. As a collaborative effort, the content on UrbanAgLaw.org is created by a group of legal professionals and law students, and the site is curated by the Law Center.

Also, check out these handy guides we’ve created for people interested in starting new worker-owned enterprises and food justice enterprises!

  • Urban farmers grow crops in Brooklyn parking lot
    Square Roots farmers grow crops in 10 steel shipping containers converted into hydroponic farms. Square Roots aims to expand to 20 metropolitan areas by 2020. By Eric Girard Metro Feb 21 Excerpt: Square Roots raised seed financing to build the campus, which cost more than $100,000. Then, 10 young farmers were chosen from more than... Read more »
  • Fighting Greater Toronto’s Sprawl With Urban Farms
    Member farmers harvest mizuna green beds at Fresh City Farms two acre farm at Downsview Park. 75 percent of farmland of farmland in Toronto’s Metro Region is unprotected and at risk of being paved over By Vawn Himmelsbach Toronto Star Feb 18, 2017 Excerpt: Fresh City Farms leases private land, including two acres of federal land... Read more »
  • Documentary Film: Three Generations Of Women Create A Community Garden In Their South African Village
    Canada: University of Victoria historian Elizabeth Vibert teamed up with award-winning director Christine Welsh to produce ‘The Thinking Garden’. The garden, which has now been in operation for 25 years, provides fresh vegetables and opportunities for the local villagers while helping confront the ravages of poverty, climate change and AIDS. By ... Read more »
  • Ireland: Galway Michelin chef backs project to fight poverty in Central Africa
    Concern ambassador, chef JP McMahon with daughters, eight year old Heather (left) and Martha, 4, at the Westside Community Garde Speaking from the Westside community gardens, accompanied by his daughters, he said: “Europe has taken so much out of Africa; it is our duty as Europeans and Irish people to give... Read more »
  • Assessment of Soil Health in Urban Agriculture: Soil Enzymes and Microbial Properties
    The addition of organic fertilizers tended to increase most enzyme activities and available nutrients in the soils, as compared to that of inorganic fertilizers By Avanthi Deshani Igalavithana, Sang Soo Lee, Nabeel Khan Niazi, Young-Han Lee, Kye Hoon Kim, Jeoung-Hun Park, Deok Hyun Moon, and Yong Sik Ok Sustainability Feb 20, 2017 Abstract: Urban... Read more »
  • The Urban Farmer: How to Create a Productive Garden in Any Space
    Just published in Australia By Justin Calverley CERES Harper Collons Australia Feb 20, 2017 The guide for anyone who dreams of living the country life in the city by growing their own healthy, sustainable fruit and veg – and more! Producing our own fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs and honey is perfectly possible in a suburban... Read more »
  • Berlin: International Urban Farming Conference in September, 2017
    Call For Papers The International Urban Farming Conference that will take place 11th – 12th September, 2017 in Berlin invites professionals and activists in the field of urban farming to apply with their abstracts by March 10th. Especially welcome are presentations on projects related to local governments and partnership projects between... Read more »
  • Eustis, Florida City Commission Goes Against Backyard Chickens
    Judson Middens, with Florida Urban Agriculture, brought his chicken, Millie, to a city meeting to try to convince commissioners to allow Eustis residents to keep chickens as pets. Photo by By Roxanne Brown. “So these guys, they’re not the monster everybody’s thinking. They’re clean, they’re friendly and, yes, they are pets.” By... Read more »
  • Indigenous Wild Food Plants In Home Gardens
    Improving Health And Income With The Assistance Of Agricultural Extension By Robert L. Freedman, Tucson, Arizona. International Journal of Agricultural Extension 2015. 63-71 Abstract: The wide spread presence of home gardens in developing nations is a strong foundation for food security, both in terms of quantity and quality. Indigenous wild food plants... Read more »
  • Call for papers: “Assessing the Sustainability of Urban Agriculture: Methodological Advances and Case Studies”
    Dr. Esther Sanyé-Mengual. MSCA fellow. Research centre in urban environment for agriculture and biodiversity (ResCUE-AB). Department of Agricultural Sciences (Dipsa). Università di Bologna For the special issue of the MDPI journal Sustainability Dr. Esther Sanyé-Mengual Guest Editor, email: esther.sanye(at)unibo.it Sustainability This Special Issue calls for papers that contribute to the assessment of the sustainability of... Read more »