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At Sustainable Economies Law Center (the Law Center), we want nothing more than to see the number of new urban agriculture projects and enterprises explode all across the country! To facilitate the growth of the urban agriculture movement, we offer this website as a collection of resources on laws and regulations that regulate who, how, and where urban agriculture can occur. As a collaborative effort, the content on UrbanAgLaw.org is created by a group of legal professionals and law students, and the site is curated by the Law Center.

Also, check out these handy guides we’ve created for people interested in starting new worker-owned enterprises and food justice enterprises!

  • TED Talk in Vancouver, BC: Devita Davison speaks about urban agriculture in Detroit
    She spoke at TED2017, April 26, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED The abundance of vacant and abandoned lots in the city provide perfect plots of land for urban micro-farms — over 1,500 of them! Ted Talk 2017 Detroit sees the future. Once a booming Midwestern city and industrial... Read more »
  • Franciscan Nun’s Title is Urban Farm and Facilities Coordinator
    Sister Rita Wienken checks over new greenhouse plants with assistant farmer Aaron Lucius, a Fostoria native. Photo by Vicki Johnson. Toledo GROWs, which started in 1996, is part of Toledo Botanical Garden and is housed at the 3-acre Robert J. Anderson Urban Agriculture Center, 900 Oneida St., Toledo. By Vicki Johnson The Advertiser... Read more »
  • India: Convent School Sets Up Rooftop Farm
    Trying to motivate other schools adopt rooftop farming, the school recently organized a workshop for teachers of 50 schools. By Kamini Mehta Times of India Apr 22, 2017 Excerpt: It has been a month since the farm was inaugurated and the roof already looks green. The school has also been organizing various activities like container... Read more »
  • Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut: Teacher in remote Inuit community teaches students to garden
    Qikiqtarjuaq formerly known as Broughton Island is a community located on the island of the same name in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. The island is known for Arctic wildlife and whale watching. At the 2016 census the population was 598. Malcolm, who teaches at the Inuksuit School, is trying... Read more »
  • Indonesia: Urban farming craze catches on across Jakarta
    JState High School (SMAN) 110 North Jakarta is the first school to harvest the Youth & Urban Farming program. Part-time farmer by day, fire fighter by night, Suprizal is a member of the Cendana Farmer Group, a group of five residents who take care of a small farm. By Winda A.... Read more »
  • City Farmer Gets New “.eco” Domain Name
    City Farmer’s new website [www.cityfarmer.eco] features our Compost Demonstration Garden and our coming 40th anniversary next year. Visit the site here. Leading global brands like Tesla, Google and LG have bought .eco domain names, taken the .eco pledge and set up .eco profiles. Press Release Dot ECO April 25, 2017 Excerpt: VANCOUVER, BC – Starting today,... Read more »
  • First large scale commercial vertical farm in Europe to be set up in the Netherlands
    The 900m2 indoor vertical farm will have over 3,000m2 of growing space and produce pesticide-free lettuce. Farm to serve one of Europe’s biggest supermarket chains with fresh-cut lettuce grown using LED horticultural lighting Press Release Philips Lighting Feb 8, 2017 Excerpt: Sustainable growth “Producing lettuce for the fresh-cut segment indoors not only means avoiding all pesticides, it... Read more »
  • GROWKIT – The Urban Agriculture Kit for Beginners
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmBCU0ora3A&w=425&h=341] A Growbag (equipment + potting soil), a Growpack (plug plants + organic fertilizer) and a Growguide (a set of audio classes). From their Indiegogo site 2017 Excerpt: Noocity Urban Ecology is a start-up based in Oporto (Portugal) focused on the facilitation of Urban Agriculture. The name Noocity comes from mixing the prefix... Read more »
  • Whimsical idea turns into urban farm in Metro Atalnta
    Tania Herbert, who heads the Urban Agriculture program at the Paideia School, instructs elementary student on how to grow produce. “I really want them to see where their food comes from, but I also want them to see that our food goes to people who can’t afford it.” By H.M. Cauley For... Read more »
  • Namibia: ‘Growing Food in Windhoek’ Handbook
    By producing food in and around the city, we can connect – the production with the market, experiments, ideas and solutions, and people of all ages and all walks of life. Excerpt: Namibia needs to urgently tackle hunger, undernourishment and malnutrition. Thee latest data stems from the 2016 Global Hunger Index... Read more »