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At Sustainable Economies Law Center (the Law Center), we want nothing more than to see the number of new urban agriculture projects and enterprises explode all across the country! To facilitate the growth of the urban agriculture movement, we offer this website as a collection of resources on laws and regulations that regulate who, how, and where urban agriculture can occur. As a collaborative effort, the content on UrbanAgLaw.org is created by a group of legal professionals and law students, and the site is curated by the Law Center.

Also, check out these handy guides we’ve created for people interested in starting new worker-owned enterprises and food justice enterprises!

  • ‘Ugly Greens’ sold by New York Urban Farm
    “Much of what’s discarded is done merely for cosmetic reasons or as a result of long distance transportation. This negatively impacts farmers, retailers and ultimately consumers.” By Rebecca D Dumais Fresh Plaza Aug 8, 2017 Excerpt: Good greens don’t have to ‘look’ pretty. Even ‘ugly’ produce is just as delicious. This is something... Read more »
  • UK: ‘Countryfile Live TV Show – agricultural escapism or city-slicker sell out?
    BBC Countryfile presenters Adam Henson, John Craven, Charlotte Smith, Tom Heap, Anita Rani, Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison. Photograph: Justin Goff. At least half of Countryfile’s viewers live in towns and cities. By Paul MacInnes The Guardian Aug 8, 2017 Excerpts: Since it moved in 2009 from its original Sunday morning slot to peak-time evening... Read more »
  • Salt Lake City: Two blocks from the Rio Grande homeless shelter, these women found peace and purpose on an urban farm
    Eve top dresses a row of tomatoes with fresh compost at the Wasatch Community Gardens’ Green Team farm. (Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) That once-blighted 1.5-acre parcel has become a thriving urban farm, and Nikki is back for the first full, 10-month season of Wasatch Community Gardens’ Green... Read more »
  • Tokyo: Mirai Corporation uses vertical farming
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjxRMBa9dQE&w=425&h=341] Grant Imahara visits Tokyo and meets with the group at Mirai, whose goal is to bring farm-fresh food to the middle of one of the busiest cities on the planet. Also see Mouser’s 40 page ebook on Vertical Farming Mouser.com 2017 Excerpt from book: Fast-forward to the 20th Century, and the evolution of... Read more »
  • Meet a Woman Who Keeps 500 Plants in Her Brooklyn Apartment
    Oakes with one of her hundreds of plants. For 11 years, Oakes has lived in a 1,200-square-foot converted industrial space in Williamsburg, which is filled with 500 plants, including a living wall, an irrigated vertical garden constructed out of mason jars, and, in a closet garden, edible plants ranging from the... Read more »
  • New Zealand: Sikh Temple opens up acres of land for community garden project
    From left: Raju Ramakrishna from Healthy Families Manukau with Gurnoor Kaur and Rajinder Singh Sekhon at the Takanini Sikh Temple community garden. Takanini Sikh Temple has opened up 11 acres of land to grow fresh fruit and vegetables in Auckland. By Nigel Moffiet Stuff August 7 2017 Excerpt: The plan is to have up to... Read more »
  • ‘cityfarmer.com’ now available for $23,400 !
    “Please note that Premium Domain Names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no guarantees that the domain name(s) will be available when you go to the Network Solutions website.” By Michael Levenston City Farmer Society Aug 13, 2017 Note. We do not own ‘cityfarmer.com’. Registered to Uniregistrar Corp.(PRIVACYDOTLINK CUSTOMER 665476 Street:PO BOX... Read more »
  • How learning to farm on other planets could help us on our own
    Growing food on inhospitable planets may no longer be the stuff of fiction, such as in the Disney film Wall-e. “There is actually a lot of crossover.” Says Gioia Massa, NASA researcher, of both techniques used in urban farms and their research. By Danielle Crowley Farmer’s Journal 06 August 2017 Excerpt: This October, a shipping... Read more »
  • UK: Police help transform overgrown allotment into peaceful community garden
    Durahm Police help transform overgrown allotment into peaceful community garden in Deneside, Seaham. “Anti-social behaviour has gone right down. There is a real community spirit now. That was always our aim.” The Northern Echo Aug 4, 2017 Excerpt: PCSO Aimee Guest, who works closely with DAG, said: “They have completely transformed the overridden area... Read more »
  • Returning to the land: Urban gardeners in Pittsburgh hope to put vacant lots to good use
    The group, called the Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Cooperative — or BUGS, for short — is preparing to cultivate the neglected land with all kinds of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, including peppers, squashes, cabbage, collard greens. By Jake Flannick Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Aug 5, 2017 Excerpt: A grass-roots group of gardeners... Read more »