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Sustainable Economies Law Center created this website to facilitate the growth of the urban agriculture movement. We offer this resource as a collection of information on laws and regulations that regulate who, how, and where urban agriculture can occur. As a collaborative effort, the content on UrbanAgLaw.org was created by a group of legal professionals and law students, and the site is curated by the Law Center.

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  • Holy cabbage! Australian couple grows giant vegetable
    Rosemary Norwood and her husband grew a giant cabbage at their eco-tourism guesthouse in the Australian state of Tasmania By Alex Stambaugh CNN February 14, 2019 Excerpt: An Australian couple staved off pests for more than nine months to grow a giant cabbage almost as big as a person. Rosemary… Read more »
  • The Mystique of Urban Farms in Milwaukee, WI
    Aerial photograph from the Growing Place exhibition. Photo by David Schalliol. Grohmann Museum’s photographic exhibit captures city’s urban farms of the past — and present. “Growing Place: A Visual Study of Urban Farming,” through April 28 at the Grohmann Museum, 1000 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI By Catherine Jozwik Urban Milwaukee… Read more »
  • Even Cowboy ‘Hopalong Cassidy’ supported the Victory Garden Program of WW2
    [vimeo 318841149 w=430 h=312] William Boyd – ‘Pirates on Horseback’ – 1941 Everyone wanted to help promote Victory Gardens during WW2. This rare clip finds William Boyd, famous for his portrayal of Hopalong Cassidy, with sidekicks Lucky and California chatting next to California’s Victory Garden. I’m certain that no one… Read more »
  • Australia: Urban farming helps city dwellers connect
    Emily Connors says urban farming can help address issues around food security and provide people with meaningful work.Justin McManus Just as urban agriculture has gathered pace in the United States in recent years, Connors says Melbourne is ripe for an influx of food-growing projects. By Megan Backhouse Brisbane Times February… Read more »
  • Green Roofs Absorb Rainwater and Grow Food
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN9z0QTvy00&w=425&h=341] Rainwater is distributed through an irrigation system and collected in cisterns for the rooftop garden. ? By Aramis Velazquez GreenRoofs February 14, 2019 Excerpt: To help with that initiative in the nation’s capital, a team at the University of the District of Columbia has created a rooftop garden… Read more »
  • An Electric Compost Unit for the Home that Works
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usOk8G9Ofis&w=425&h=341] Simply open the lid, and empty food waste into the machine. Once the lid is shut, Acidulo® microbes will immediately begin composting food waste. Oklin 2019 GG-02 can compost up to 4kg of food waste per day, turning waste into a valuable resource that can be used to… Read more »
  • The Promise and Pitfalls of Urban Farming – A look towards 2040
    Urban ag today may create a new generation of ag sector winners by 2040. By Jonathan H. Harsch and Sara Wyant AgriPulse – from “Farm & Food 2040. Feb 11, 2019 (Must see. Mike) Excerpt: The promise of soil-less indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture has attracted young people enthused about both… Read more »
  • Scotland: Aberdeenshire school’s prized community garden plundered by hungry rabbits
    Teachers at Ellon Academy fear plants won’t survive any further attacks following three years of raids by the furry invaders We’re raising £664 to help protect our School Community Garden against rabbits and replace lost fruit trees By Stuart Patterson The Scottish Sun Feb 13, 2019 Excerpt: The cunning bunnies… Read more »
  • ‘Superfarm’ by studio NAB proposes a vertical farm concept to combat land shortage
    View of the production space in direct connection with the greenhouse Studio NAB’s concept also aspires to combat unemployment and revive the local economy on a neighborhood scale. Designboom project name: ‘superfarm’ project status: concept architect: studio NAB Feb 2019 In response to the growing global population, studio NAB, has… Read more »
  • Europe: The FEW-meter Project Will Model The Resource Flows Of Urban Agriculture
    Book of Hours 1540. Data from each farm or garden will be collected, organized, and visualised on this website, showing levels of resource use and production. The FEW-meter is one of the projects funded by the Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative (SUGI), under the Food-Water-Energy Nexus call, jointly established by the… Read more »