Editing Guidelines

Proper Linking

  • When creating an external hyperlink (link to another site), mark the option “Open link in a new window/tab.”
  • When linking to another section of this site (internal linking), use relative links. Relative (as opposed to absolute) links begin after “http://www.urbanaglaw.org” and should begin with “/”. For example, a relative internal link to the About the Library page is simply “/about/”. For more information on relative vs absolute linking, click here.
Proper Citing

  • Properly cite all work to give credit to its original author. This includes media, text, and images. We recommend using photos in the public domain or under a creative commons (CC) license. To use photos that are not in the public domain or licensed under CC, please ask for re-posting permission from the owner.
  • In addition to giving credit to the authors of the original work, citing is also important to lend credibility to the information provided on UrbanAgLaw.org. Therefore we request that all factual assertions be supported by an appropriate citation, so readers can verify information and obtain additional resources.
Tables of Contents

  • A table of contents is automatically created for pages with 3 or more headings.

  • If your section of the library is not ready to be displayed publicly on the website, you have the option to set your wiki page to private or password protected. You can then proceed to use the site as a workplace until your additions are complete, at which point you can again set the page to public and invite user viewing and contribution.